Online Courses for Food Processing & Technology

FICSI offers online courses for food professionals and students looking for upskilling in the food sector. Our Learning Management System makes it easy for you to learn and get certified to work in the food industry. The platform is specially designed for training individuals and organizations from the food industry.

All our food industry training courses are in compliance with the FSSAI mandates and laws laid down by the central government for the food safety and standards in India.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning with FICSI

Our eLearning Zone offers skill enhancement opportunities for entrepreneurs, retailers, MSM workers, food professionals and students. The benefits of FICSI learning management system include,

  • Access to learning modules developed by experts from FICSI. All FoSTaC related training courses are compliance by National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM).
  • Anytime, anywhere online access to learning materials.
  • A relaxed timeline of 60 days for candidates to complete each training in their own time.
  • Easy to learn interface using presentations, interactive animated videos and explainer videos.
  • Module based assessment that helps candidates test their knowledge after completing every chapter/module.
  • Get a certificate of participation after successfully completing all modules.
  • Skill enhancement that is required to apply for top jobs in food industry under the National Skills Qualifications Framework.
  • Free e-books and learning resources in Hindi and English

Who can apply for online food safety trainings by FICSI?

Our Learning Management System for food industry course caters to,

  • Food retailers
  • Micro and small scale food industry owners
  • Students wishing to join the food sector
  • Trainers working in the food industry
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for opportunities in food business
Learning with FICSI

Our Courses

Specialized COVID-19 Food Safety Courses

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the ecosystem of the entire food industry by posing serious disruptions in supply chains all over the world. To ensure the food safety and standards, new protocols had to be developed. FICSI has developed specialized courses for food handlers and food processing enterprises to ensure safe manufacture, transit and delivery of food products.

  • Safe practices for retail food handlers
  • Safe practices for micro and small food processing enterprises

Highlights of our food safety courses for COVID-19

  • Short duration informative course
  • Module based trainings that help you learn about COVID-19 safety rules for the food sector
  • 100% online training and certification
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