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FICSI has been assigned the task of carrying out Training of Trainers (ToT) program by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in the NSQF aligned Qualification Packs. Through this training, we try to imbibe the best practices that a trainer can employ while delivering to his audience.

The primary objective of ToT is to introduce the trainer to the skilling ecosystem and keep them up to date with the changing landscape of training in the country.


The ToT program consist of the following:

  • Understand, master and develop insight on the National Occupational Standards under the QP: Trainer (MEP/Q2601).
  • Identify the characteristics of exceptional trainer.
  • Understand and identify different behavioural styles and adapt training as necessary.
  • Develop an effective training program using appropriate aid and techniques.
  • Prepare a need analysis and understand why it is necessary step in any training program.
  • Master various methods for making lecture-based program active.
  • Develop strategies for handling classroom disruptions.
  • Overcome the pitfalls of various visual aid options and classroom seating arrangements.

There are two kinds of ToT model available for trainers

  • ToT for Existing Trainer:Acknowledging the experience of an existing trainer in the Indian VET system, the existing trainer would have to undergo this model of certification. This includes just the assessment and certification. (An existing trainer is the one who meets the requisite education qualification, relevant industry experience, and possess over 500 hours of training experience in the related occupation).
  • ToT for New Trainer:: A new trainer would have to undergo ToT i.e. a 10-day long programme wherein applicant would be oriented and certified on domain skills as well as training delivery skills (Platform skills).
  • Minimum educational qualification and industry experience required to become a trainer can be found on the.
  • SMART portal of NSDC.- The final decision regarding the eligibility of a candidate rests with the SSC

How to enrol for upcoming ToT Program?

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