What is FOSTAC?

Food safety training and certification (FOSTAC) is a training and certification program for Industry personnel having a role in food production, processing, packaging, storage and transport.

What we do?

  • FICSI offers a number of FOSTAC trainings in line with the Schedule 4 of Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011 under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.
  • Our FOSTAC courses are designed to teach people about the importance of food safety.
  • We teach safe handling, preparation techniques and food manufacturing practices to maintain food standards, improve customer satisfaction, and help business growth.
  • Note: FoSTaC training will be conducted in offline classroom mode as per the guidelines of FSSAI.

1. Importance of FOSTAC Training

This online food safety training is a large-scale program made mandatory by FSSAI. It provides food business operators with the knowhow to maintain quality and safety at their workplace. So, Food Safety Training and Certification (FOSTAC) has been made mandatory for all Central, State licensed businesses by FSSAI.

FICSI is an empanelled partner and we conduct FOSTAC trainings online and provides certification to successful candidates. You can join FOSTAC basic trainings online through our anytime, anywhere learning model or skill up with on-campus FOSTAC advanced training courses. We provide genuine FOSTAC certification for individuals looking for work in the food sector.

2. Types of FOSTAC training courses

FICSI offers 19 types of FOSTAC courses. The courses are divided into Basic and Advance categories. We also offer an online food safety training for awareness about COVID-19 guidelines for the food manufacturing and processing industry.

A. FOSTAC Basic Training

Who can apply for FOSTAC basic training?

  • Food handlers / supervisors or other individuals employed in small scale food businesses
  • Students and other qualified individuals looking for jobs in the Food Business


  • For food handlers / supervisors: Class 5th or upwards for food handlers
  • For Students / Others: Education in relevant field with 10+2 passed with science
  • Mode of instruction : Offline Classroom mode
  • Duration of FOSTAC Basic Training: 4 hours

B. FOSTAC Advance Training

Who can apply for FOSTAC Advance training?

  • Training the people who supervise food handlers and other employees who are in direct contact with food materials.
  • Helping individuals looking for jobs in the food industry with skill development and necessary knowledge about food safety in special categories such as dairy, meat, poultry, bakery and health supplements.
  • Promoting hygienic and sanitary practices among the food handlers in the food industry through guidance and supervision.
  • Implementing the culture of food safety in a place of business by changing the behaviour of food handlers.

Who can benefit from FOSTAC Advance Training?

  • Food handlers / supervisors and other individuals employed in the food business having State & Central Licensing
  • Students and other individuals looking for jobs in the food business or who wish to start their own venture


For food handlers / supervisors:

  • Degree in Science with Chemistry / Bio-Chemistry / Food and Nutrition / Microbiology, or
  • Diploma in Food Technology / Dairy Technology / Dairy Microbiology / Dairy Chemistry / Dairy Engineering / Oil Technology / Veterinary Science / Hotel Management & Catering Technology, or
  • Any Degree or Diploma in any other discipline related to the specific requirements of the Food Business from a recognized University, Institute or equivalent with at least one year experience in a supervisory role in the relevant sector.

For Students / Others:

  • Completed or pursuing Final Year of graduation in Food Science / Nutrition / Hospitality / Chemistry / Bio-Chemistry / Microbiology / Dairy / Oil / Veterinary / Hotel Management & Catering Technology, or
  • Diploma in any other discipline related to the specific requirements of the Food Business from a recognized University or Institute, or
  • Diploma in other allied fields with an exposure to Industrial Training / A minimum experience of 6 weeks in the relevant sector (as per the course selected).
  • Mode of instruction: Offline
  • Duration of FOSTAC Advance Training: 7-8 hours

3. Advantages of FOSTAC Training:

For Food Business Operators (FBOs)

  • Increasing awareness related to food safety and hygiene among industry operators and workers.
  • Better implementation of food safety regulations by food safety supervisors, reducing the risk of non-compliance during audits.
  • Reduction in the cases of legal actions/grievances/complaints raised by customers with FOSTAC trained staff and food safety supervisors.
  • Increase customer trust by maintaining hygiene and best food safety protocols at your food outlets and stores.

For Food Handlers

  • Food Safety Training and Certification helps in your performance at the workplace.
  • Increase your knowledge about food safety and handling to advance your career in the food industry.
  • One of the best food safety and hygiene awareness courses available for the Food Sector that can open new opportunities for Food Handlers.

For Students and people looking for jobs in the food business

  • Enhances your knowledge of food safety and food handling business.
  • A FOSTAC certification adds value to your resume and impresses potential employers.
  • Improves your employment possibility in the food sector.
  • FOSTAC certification is valid all over India.

4. Who can apply for FOSTAC training?

  • Student Studying in final year of their degree/diploma courses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Food handlers
  • Food Professionals

Note: No refund allowed, however in exceptional circumstances. Refund can be considered provided request is received from participant 48 hours before start of training

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