As the Sector Skill Council for Food Processing Industry, FICSI endeavors to share the Job Role or Qualification Packs created to enrich the industry. FICSI is collaborating with Educational Institutes to provide Practical knowledge to the students pursuing their graduation. The course content offered by FICSI is industry endorsed, current and suitable for candidates wanting to enter the industry.

1. 3-Year Undergraduate Degree Program in Food Processing for Non-Food Colleges

  • Six-semester Undergraduate Degree program in Food Processing based on job roles approved by NCVET(70% Skill Component).
  • Specialization in Fruit & Vegetables, Dairy Products or General Food Processing
  • Six-month industry internship/apprenticeship under NAPS
  • Career Readiness program with advanced Food Safety modules and Interview handling
  • FICSI will undertake an assessment in every semester for the Skill component and provide Govt recognized NCVET certificates.
  • Degree to be awarded by university

2. Elective Course for BTech in Food Processing/Technology/Biotechnology

As per New Education Policy, skill component should be an integral part of general education program where students will receive credit. FICSI has identified few futuristic job roles which are aligned with the future demand of jobs. Students who are already pursuing courses in food processing can easily adopt these skill-based courses for better future opportunity and additional certification. FICSI has designed below mentioned skill-based courses which can be easily incorporated in the existing graduation program ( Food Processing Program ).

Salient Features of the course:

  • This skill based elective courses can be selected by B.Tech/B.Sc students who are already pursuing degree in food technology with science background
  • The courses have been designed with minimal requirement of lab facility. Some of the courses does not even require lab facility
  • FICSI will provide model curriculum and content of the program which are already aligned with NSQF and approved by NCVET
  • FICSI will undertake assessment of these qualifications for Skill component and provide Govt recognized NCVET -Skill India certificates.

3. Elective/s Course for Non-Food Students

  • To enhance the career opportunities for Science, Commerce and Humanities students, skill-based courses in Bakery and Food Laboratory Operations are offered
  • FICSI will design the curriculum and provide content of the program in Bakery and Laboratory roles
  • FICSI will conduct Training of Trainers
  • Assistance in setting up laboratory in terms of equipment details, specification, and layout
  • FICSI will provide workshop with industry members and food processing experts
  • FICSI will provide assessment and authorized skill India Certification Services to students

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