PMKVY Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) is the flagship scheme of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE). The objective of this Skill Certification Scheme is to enable a large number of Indian youths to take up industry-relevant skill training that will help them in securing a better livelihood. Individuals with prior learning experience or skills will also be assessed and certified under Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

PMKVY Scheme

Key component of the scheme:

  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Special Project
  • Kaushal and Rozgar Mela
  • Placement Assistance
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Standardized Branding and Communication

PMKVY Qualification Packs (Central Component)

S.No. QP Sector QP Code Level
1 Plant Biscuit Production Specialist Bread and Bakery FIC/Q5003 4
2 Mixing Technician Bread and Bakery FIC/Q5004 4
3 Baking Technician/Operative Bread and Bakery FIC/Q5005 4
4 Dairy Processing Equipment Operator Dairy Products FIC/Q2002 4
5 Butter and Ghee Processing Operator Dairy Products pFIC/Q2003 4
6 Ice Cream Processing Operator Dairy Products FIC/Q2004 4
7 Squash and Juice Processing Technician Fruits and Vegetables FIC/Q0101 4
8 Pickle Making Technician Fruits and Vegetables FIC/Q0102 4
9 Jam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing Technician Fruits and Vegetables FIC/Q0103 4
10 Fruit Ripening Technician Fruits and Vegetables FIC/Q0104 4
11 Fruits and Vegetables Drying/Dehydration Technician Fruits and Vegetables FIC/Q0105 4
12 Fruit Pulp Processing Technician Fruits and Vegetables FIC/Q0106 4
13 Fruits and Vegetables Canning Technician Fruits and Vegetables FIC/Q0107 4
14 Fruits and Vegetables Selection In-Charge Fruits and Vegetables FIC/Q0108 3
15 Fruits and Vegetables Selection In-Charge Food Grain Milling FIC/Q1004 4
16 Offal Collector and Utilizer Meat and Poultry FIC/Q3005 4
17 Fish and Sea Food Processing Technician Fish and Sea Food FIC/Q4001 4
18 Modified Atmosphere Storage Technician Multi Sectorial FIC/Q7003 4
19 Cold Storage Technician Multi Sectorial FIC/Q7004 4
20 Purchase Assistance-Food and Agricultural Commodities Multi Sectorial FIC/Q7005 4
20 Purchase Assistance-Food and Agricultural Commodities Multi Sectorial FIC/Q7005 4
21 Assistant Lab Technician-Food and Agricultural Commodities Multi Sectorial FIC/Q7601 4
22 Traditional Snack and Savoury Maker Packaged Food FIC/Q8501 4
23 Spice Processing Technician Packaged Food FIC/Q8502 4

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PMKVY Qualification Packs (State Component)

S.No.QPSectorQP CodeLevel
1Plant Biscuit Production SpecialistBread and BakeryFIC/Q50034
2Mixing TechnicianBread and BakeryFIC/Q50044
3Baking Technician/OperativeBread and BakeryFIC/Q50054
4Dairy Products ProcessorDairy ProductsFIC/Q20015
5Dairy Processing Equipment OperatorDairy ProductsFIC/Q20024
6Butter and Ghee Processing OperatorDairy ProductsFIC/Q20034
7Ice Cream Processing OperatorDairy ProductsFIC/Q20044
8PiSquash and Juice Processing TechnicianFruits and VegetablesFIC/Q01014
9Pickle Making TechnicianFruits and VegetablesFIC/Q01024
10Jam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing TechnicianFruits and VegetablesFIC/Q01034
11Fruit Ripening TechnicianFruits and VegetablesFIC/Q01044
12Fruits and Vegetables Drying/Dehydration TechnicianFruits and VegetablesFIC/Q01054
13Fruit Pulp Processing TechnicianFruits and VegetablesFIC/Q01064
14Fruits and Vegetables Canning TechnicianFruits and VegetablesFIC/Q01074
15Fruits and Vegetables Selection In-ChargeFruits and VegetablesFIC/Q01083
16Milling TechnicianFood Grain MillingFIC/Q10025
17Grain Mill OperatorFood Grain MillingFIC/Q10034
18Pulse Processing TechnicianFood Grain MillingFIC/Q10044
19Offal Collector and UtilizerMeat and PoultryFIC/Q30054
20Fish and Sea Food Processing TechnicianFish and Sea FoodFIC/Q40014
21Food Products Packaging TechnicianMulti SectorialFIC/Q70014
22Modified Atmosphere Storage TechnicianMulti SectorialFIC/Q70034
23Cold Storage TechnicianMulti SectorialFIC/Q70044
24Purchase Assistance-Food and Agricultural CommoditiesMulti SectorialFIC/Q70054
25Assistant Lab Technician-Food and Agricultural CommoditiesMulti SectorialFIC/Q76014