In the dynamic landscape of food fortification, the increase in fortified rice kernel (FRK) production quantity has been a noticeable trend. This growth underscores the importance of maintaining and enhancing product quality.

As FRK manufacturing scales up, the focus on quality standards becomes paramount. It's imperative that growth is paralleled by an unwavering commitment to ensuring that each kernel meets the highest quality benchmarks.

A significant milestone in this journey was marked by a recent seminar in Uttar Pradesh. Orchestrated by FICSI - Food SSC, the event aimed to bolster production quality while delving deep into the challenges faced by FRK manufacturers.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed individuals, including Shri Anurag Jain, DGM-Quality Control at FCI; Rohini Saran, Nutrition Lead at PATH; Amit Ravetkar, DGM at Sudeep Nutrition; Dr. S.K. Chauhan from R-Frac Lab; and Dr. Chandrakant Genu Dalbhagat, Assistant Professor at NIT Rourkela. Their insights lent invaluable perspectives to the discussions, enriching the discourse and paving the way for progress.

In the journey towards ensuring quality matches the scale of production, the Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative continues to play a pivotal role. Let's collectively strive for a future where quantity and quality harmonize, reflecting our commitment to growth and excellence.

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