ASAP Scheme


Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) is a joint initiative of General and Higher Education Departments. It was launched with an objective to impart quality skill education to the higher secondary / undergraduate students alongside their regular curriculum. ASAP’s inclusive skilling approach has paved way to innovative initiatives in the skilling arena.

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme By FICSI

FICSI is responsible for development of QPs and NOSs and currently we have 40 NSQF aligned QPs which cover 9 sub sectors of Food Processing Industries:

  • Train and develop a highly competent pool of expert personnel and skill trainers.
  • Design and develop NSQF aligned skill courses.
  • Standardize the Assessment and Certification protocols for skill training programmes.
  • Offer consultancy services for skill training and course development.
  • Establish a highly potential Quality Assurance mechanism for skill training.

Assessment & Process of Certification

At the end of the training programme, students must undergo an assessment that evaluates their proficiency and knowledge on the subject. Internal evaluations are carried out at various stages of class progression. ASAP coordinates with SSC and NSDC to conduct the final assessment.

On successful completion of the course, a student is entitled to receive a set of certificates that prove his/her merit on the domain subject

  • APTIS Certificate On completion of ASAP Foundation Module, British Council conducts a language proficiency test APTIS
  • NSDC/SSC Skill Certificate.
  • Kerala Technical University (KTU) Certificate.
  • ASAP Course Completion Certificate.

Our courses are run under being Kerala:

  • Jam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing Technician (FIC/Q0103)
  • Craft Baker (FIC/Q5002)

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