Qualification Pack and National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards (NOS) describe best practices by bringing together performance criteria, knowledge and skills pertaining to a job role. A set of NOSs related to a specific job role is called Qualification Pack (QP). Each NOS defines one key function in a job role.

A set of NOSs, aligned to a job role, called Qualification Packs (QPs), would be available for every job role in each sector of Food Processing Industry. These packs are pegged at various NSQF level, such as level 1 to 10 and they drive the creation of curriculum and content.

FICSI is responsible for development of QPs and NOSs and we currently have 49 NSQF aligned QPs which cover 9 sub sectors of Food Processing Industries:

Model Curriculum and Content

Availability of Learning Resources can contribute greatly to the speed, scale and quality of a skilling endeavour. Qualification Pack leads to the creation of curriculum and content. FICSI is responsible for the creation of Model Curriculums against each QP to make training easier and in a sequential manner. The Model Curriculum breaks down each QP into different modules and specifies the total number of theory and practical duration of each module. FICSI recommends that each training to be well aligned and in accordance with the curriculum developed thereby maintaining the quality of training as desired by MSDE.

Note: All Qualification pack and Model Curriculum review date has been extended to 24th September 2021.

The complete list of job role along with their NSQF level and Notional Hours is provided below.

Qualification Pack Name QP Code NSQF Level Recommended Notional Hours Download QP Download Model Curriculum & Content