Ms. Kainaz Messman

Theobroma is a Parsi family owned and managed chain of patisseries and cafes in India. They opened their doors in 2004 and have since established themselves as a leading food & beverage destination in a highly competitive environment. Theobroma has grown from its humble beginnings at the iconic CusrowBaug at Colaba Causeway, Mumbai to a rapidly growing chain of patisseries and cafes. Their commitment to quality, innovative products, honest prices, and personalized service have ensured a long list of loyal guests. They have their outlets in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai & Pune. Theobroma has successfully brought exclusive and indulgent brownies, cakes, desserts, pastries, chocolates, bread, savouries, sandwiches, rolls, and beverages to the high street and within the reach of many. They often use the best available local produce over expensive imports. Offering innovative products and creative combinations, they have created and maintained an interest in their offerings. They have set a benchmark for delivering high-quality food at honest prices.