Ms. Jasmine Kaur

After spending close to a decade-and-a-half on weight issues and facing daily internal conflicts and failed diets, Jasmine Kaur, Founder of The Green Snack Co, knew that she had to transform her lifestyle for good. It was Jasmine's need to find that snack that was tasty, crunchy, and nutritious at the same me which gave birth to The Green Snack Co. She quit her job and decided to work on her venture. She began by researching various healthy snacks available globally. She found that one product had a ubiquitous presence diets world over was the leafy vegetable kale. With The Green Snack Co and the kale chips, the team had decided to start from scratch, rethink, analyse and rebuild everything they knew about health, food, and nutrition. The philosophy behind launching The Green Snack Co was to provide nutritious, healthy, and delicious snacks that are made using different superfoods, which are truly good for people. Their products are made using fresh and natural ingredients, without any added sugar, preservatives, additives, and MSG.