Mr. Matt Chittharanjan & Namrata Asthana

They started roasting in 2013, with a small 1 kg machine that had them roasting for twelve to fourteen hours straight on most nights because of its small size. Though they have grown, both, the size of the roasters (now roasting on two 12 kgs Probat machines) and the team, they continue to spend as much me, energy, and resources on constantly pushing their roasting quality forward. They are consistently researching, testing, and implementing best practices throughout their business to raise the bar. Cupping hundreds of green bean samples every harvest before making their final selections is standard procedure at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. Holding advanced sensory training for junior roasters and experimenting with processing at the farm level are just some of the ways that their highly skilled team is constantly evolving. Blue Tokai, was trying to bring that global coffee culture to India by freshly roasting beans, sourcing from single estate farms, offering organic varieties, and educating north Indians on Aeropress, Chemex, and French Press brewing techniques-- a new language for a region that lives on chai and instant coffee.