Mr. Chirag Gupta

In March 2013, Chirag and Ankur launched their first outlet of gourmet popcorn in Delhi and called it 4700BC Popcorn. The name of their company stemmed out from the belief that popcorn was discovered in Peru around 4700BC. Over the following year, they opened six outlets in Delhi and Punjab, selling popcorn in 18 flavours. 4700 BC popcorn is available at all outlets of PVR cinemas. PVR invested Rs 5 crore into the business in 2015 for a 75 per cent stake, which enabled them to shi their factory to a 25,000 sq. space in Sonipat, on the outskirts of Delhi, and increase the producon manifold. At 4700 BC, they only have one intenon- to present every Indian with an opportunity to realise and appreciate the 'Classics' they have innovated through this seed of nature. Their different flavours have been refined and funnelled to the levels of 'micro microns' to derive unparalleled quality of taste and hygiene. They are inspired by the simple fact that what they want to cater to the mass will touch everyone's heart and smulate the neuroc channels of mind and taste buds.