FICSI Career Fair January 2023 FBOs Notification



Name of the Event: FICSI’S Career Fair 2023 

Industry: Food Processing & Allied Industry 

Dates: 3 and 4 February 2023 

Time: 9AM to 5PM 

Mode: Online

Last Date of Registration: 31 January 2023

India is the 2nd largest producer of food in the world. It is playing a pivotal role in India’s economic growth due to its contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment and investment. The industry is the fifth-largest industry in terms of production, consumption, exports, and potential growth.  

Considering the on-ground reality relating to shortage of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled work force in India’s FPI and its impact on competitiveness of the industry and the criticality of this issue, the Ministry of Food Processing Industry had commissioned a study to assess the Human Resource and Skill Requirement in Indian Food Processing Sector from 2021-30. The study shows a requirement of 13.4 lakh fresh skilled manpower is needed to sustain the growth.  

FICSI as the Sector Skill Council for food processing industry endeavours to equip the industry with skilled manpower- resulting in various undertaking done to skill & upskill manpower at all levels. One such initiatives is to create a platform where the industry can connect directly with the fresh talents and fulfil their manpower needs. A revamped and user-friendly job portal is being launched in the next 15 days. In addition, a series of Career Fairs are being planned, where in the Food Tech graduates will have the opportunity to showcase their talents & skills to get better exposure to the jobs in the industry. 

A. Requirement from Participating Organizations

    • Organization should register before 31st January 2023. 
    • Organizations can upload their requirement/s on FICSI job portal as well.  
    • The Organization will set their booth at least 48 hours before the commencement of actual event.
    • A SPOC will be dedicated by the organization for handling the web platform during the actual event.
    • The SPOC should share the job description thru email, Audio file or Videos file to be shared with the candidates.
    • The organization will keep FICSI posted on activities like- shortlisting, interview, finalization of candidates.

B. Scope of Service for the Companies

  • All the participating candidates will be pre-assessed on General Aptitude, Fundamentals of Food Safety & Hygiene and Food Processing. 
  • The candidates will be ready to join immediately.
  • The candidates will be from UGC approved colleges & universities.
  • Number of participants would be around 1000 from across India.
  • Access to FICSI Job Portal.
  • For ITI & PMKV, there will be a repository of candidates accessible through FICSI job portal.
  • FICSI will provide a demo on “How to Navigate the Career Fair Platform” before the actual event.