Webinar on Future of Smart Proteins in India

What are Smart Proteins? :
GFI India defines smart protein as products which can reliably and predictably substitute the consumption of animal-derived meat, eggs, and dairy, because they perfectly replicate the sensory and cultural experience for consumers and offer several advantages in the supply chain for producers. They fall into 3 categories.
Plant-Based Meats: These are produced directly from plant or crop ingredients like pea protein and coconut oil.
Cultivated Meat: Cultivated Meat (CM) is genuine animal meat derived through cultivation and expansion of animal derived muscle cells.
Fermentation: Fermentation includes cultivation of any microbial species for either whole-cell biomass or a valuable fraction thereof.  

The webinar on Smart Proteins will be addressing the following areas:
  • What are smart proteins?
  • Need for Smart Proteins.
  • Global innovations happening in the Smart Protein sector.
  • Projected Global Market Share.
  • Preparedness of Indian Food Industries to be a part of the Smart Protein trend.

We have successfully organized 6th webinar in the series of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav on "Future of Smart Proteins in India" with 400+ participants attending the webinar.

Webinar on Future of Smart Proteins in India